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    Donut Shaped Dog Bed

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    Donut Shaped Dog Bed

    Give your furry friend a place to rest comfortably

    Does your dog suffer from anxiety? Did you know that almost 35% of dogs suffer from anxiety on a daily basis?

    Experts categorize canine anxiety into three types: noise, separation and social anxiety. When left untreated, built up stress can lead to a severe loss of appetite, destructive behavioural issues and a shorter life span. Most of the time anxiety in dogs can simply be solved by a good sleep. This is where our Donut Shaped Dog Bed comes handy. Help reduce your dog's anxiety and improve the quality of life for your dog with this calming bed!!!


    Length (cm)

    Weight (kg)
    XXS 30 <2
    XS 40 <2,5


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    70 <18

    Why This Bed?

    • Eases Anxiety¬†-¬†The raised rim creates a sense of security & coziness.
    • Soft & Fluffy Material¬†- This calming pet bed's material is very soft and keeps your dog warm.
    • Padded Bottom¬†- This anxiety pet bed is perfect because your¬†pet can be comfortable with the bed on any surface.
    • Ultra Soft Fabric¬†-¬†Made from ultra-soft fur.¬†It is one of the comfiest materials we sell. Its fibers¬†are soft durable and¬†machine-washable.
    • Luxurious design¬†-¬†Sleek¬†design, this bed is a great addition to accommodate the design of any home!
    • Rip & Tear Resistance¬†- These anxiety beds are built for dogs to dig and claw without ripping the bed.

    donut shaped bed showcase
    donut shaped bed
    donut shaped bed

    donut shaped bed Dimensions
    donut shaped bed

    bed usage


    Product specifications

    Wash Style: Mechanical Wash
    Feature: Breathable
    Pattern: Solid
    Item Type: Beds & Sofas
    Type: Dogs